Prior to joining PT .Cardig Garda Utama, he began his career at SINGAPORE AIRLINES Jakarta. Held various positions such as passenger services, cargo sales, ticketing and reservation. He then moved to PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta in 1985-2007 and the latest position was Business Development, Station Manager Bali, Station Manager Jakarta, Cargo General Manager and Vice President Operation. Currently position is President Director of PT. Cardig Garda Utama.


Started as accounting staff at PT Dian Nakhoda Perkasa then PT. Sea Transport Company and as Auditor (Public Accountant Firm) at Capelle &Tuanakota and then posted at Hans, Tuanakota & Mustofa (member of Deloitte).

Prior to joining PT Cardig Garda Utama his latest position was Finance Deputy Director for PT JASA ANGKASA SEMESTA and he then posted as Finance Director of PT. JAS AERO ENGINEERING SERVICES.

He is currently serves as Director of PT Cardig Garda Utama and also serves as Senior Vice President PT.Cardig International.



Joined the company in 2006 as President Director and was appointed as President Commissioner on 2008. He is also President & CEO PT. Cardig International, the holding company of PT. Cardig Garda Utama whose activities include aviation services, logistics, catering and security services. He has held several strategic positions at foreign companies in Singapore such as Peregrine Securities and Bankers Trust, as well as at PT Bimantara Citra, Tbk a diversified conglomerate focusing on media and telecommunications.


His current position is Commissioner of PT. Cardig Garda Utama (2008 to present) , He is also assigned in a few Companies of Cardig Group such as :
o PT. Cardig International as Managing Director /COO (2004 to present)
o PT. Cardig Express Nusantara as Commissioner (2001 to present)
o PT. Jasa Aero Engineering as Commissioner (2003 to present)
o PT. Cardig International Aviation (CIAV) as Commissioner (2005 to present)
o PT. Cardig Air Services (CAS) as Commisioner (2009 to present)
o PT. Jasa Angkasa Semesta Tbk as President Director/CEO(2012 to present)

Prior to Joining to Cardig Group , he strategically positioned himself at Companies such as PT.Bimantara Citra Tbk, Andersen Consulting (currently changed its name to Accenture), Tager Television Network ,Texas, USA and PT Jembatan Emas Buana.


Currently position is Commissioner of PT Cardig Garda Utama,prior to it he was President Director at the same Company (2008-2013). He is Former of Indonesian Airforce. Joint to Indonesia Airforce at 1972 and he started his career as a pilot F27 Fokker Trooper and C130 Hercules. His latest position was Air Defence Strategic staff for Airforce Chief of Staff. He once occupied one of the chairs of Airforce Foundation as Head of business field.


Mr. Joedaatmadja joined Cardig International in 2004 after a career in Bimantara Citra group where he hold several director positions (PT Mobile 8 , PT Komselindo, Bimantara Citra holding Deputy Director Corporate Planning).

2004 He was in charged for INTERNAL AUDIT & RISK MANAGEMENT at PT.Cardig International. In 2005 he was appointed as President Director of PT Cardig Express Nusantara . In 2006, Mr Joedaatmadja hold several director positions in Mandala Airlines.

At the moment , he is a President Director of PT.Cardig Express Nusantara ; Commissioner in PT Cardig Garda Utama, PT UPS Cardig and PT Dharma Bandar Mandala.